Who We Are Looking For

TZ Ventures incubates blockchain startups that satisfy the following:


1. Use of the Tezos protocol

2. Do not issue tokens

3. Willing to receive equity financing (instead of conducting ICOs)

4. Have a good business model

5. Willing to undergo mentoring in our program (please do not apply if your firm is ready to go and only need funding introductions - we do not connect any projects to VCs that we do not incubate)


*Although we prefer early stage startups, we are open to more developed projects as long as you satisfy the above requirements. Please note that we are not a fund nor a financing vehicle that acts as a broker for startups/firms to find funding.

What We Provide

TZ Ventures provides the following for 3-6 months until the demo day:

1. Office space

2. Technical support

3. Mentoring

4. Marketing

5. Arrange partnerships

6. Fund raising support - connect and negotiate equity funding

7. Advantage of being associated with the Tezos brand name

* TZ Ventures do not provide funding during the incubation period. We help startups get ready for the demo day and assist them in acquiring equity financing. Our services above are accounted as your debt balance and will be settled when equity funding is received.

How To Apply

Any startup that is interested in applying please email at with the following information:


1. Company name

2. CEO Name

3. Where you are located

4. Your business in one sentence

5. Your business model in one paragraph (How is your project going to make money?)

6. Money/Time/Other Assets invested so far

7. Other comments/questions