EDD X Tezos Southeast Asia: Blockchain for E-Commerce Workshop In Jakarta (Tuesday, 21st May 2019)


This workshop is for everyone of you who want to learn more about Blockchain for E-Commerce, especially for Web Developer & Developer. This workshop is free & can only serve 35 people. So, as soon as you get your ticket, please RSVP and re-confirm your attendance.


1. Indra Hartawan (Country Manager Exabytes Indonesia)

2. Jay Lee (Consultant of tzVentures)

Jay has experience in traditional finance industries. He is a business professor at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Sejong, and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He is a researcher in blockchain and consults a start-up fund in high-tech, digital health and E-commerce. He also consults the operations of tzVentures, a Tezos-centric incubator for start-ups seeking to use the Tezos blockchain protocol.

About The Topic:

"Blockchain for E-Commerce: Leading Business Models Explained" Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that offers solutions and innovation to various industries. There is no doubt that this technology will benefit the eCommerce industry. In this workshop, we will look at existing business models to examine the impact of using blockchain technology in E-commerce.

Workshop Highlights:

Cost and benefits of using blockchain on E-commerce. Leading business models and its challenges. Opportunities and threats in the E-commerce industry. Future direction of E-commerce industry.

Event Details:

Day, Date: Tuesday, 21st May 2019

Time: 16:00-18:00 WIB Place: Kantor Exabytes Indonesia, Cyber 2 Tower Lt.30, JL. HR Rasuna Said X5 No. 13 RT.1/RW.2, Kuningan, Kuningan Tim., Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12950

*Breakfasting meal will be provided.

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