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Updated: Feb 25, 2020

ZipView is the flagship technology at Olim Planet, a digital solutions provider for real estate using immersive contents.

A different way to “shop for a house”

What does the expression “shop for a house” make you think about? You would probably first think of visually seeing a house to trade it. How about the words “real estate sale”, “charter”, or "rent"? Don’t they remind you of complex, complicated processes?

The name ZipView, originating from the meaning of “seeing a house” in Korean, not only possesses the meaning of visually seeing a house but also of the wide range of actions necessary for real estate transactions such as visiting a model house, consulting a real estate agent, or making a sale or lease and signing a contract. ZipView is a service based on virtual reality that makes every action related to real estate transactions more convenient.

Sanguk Jun, Director of VR Content Development

Real estate transactions without being there in person?

The new VR real estate marketplace that ZipView creates provides an easy connection between real estate providers and consumers and uses immersive 3D virtual reality in all aspects of real estate transactions (pre-sale, brokerage, leasing, management, residential services, etc.). This makes it easy for consumers to make real estate transactions anytime, anywhere regardless of on/offline because they don’t have to come see the house in person.

3D VR content created using ZipView

Trading real estate in virtual reality requires a clear and realistic experience that feels like real life. ZipView's VR content provides an immersive experience that eliminates the boundaries between the virtual world and the real world by recreating everything the user can feel as if it were real. In spite of being made entirely of computer graphics, the quality of the content is high enough to make people say they thought it was a picture.

High efficiency and accessibility attained using Unreal Engine

ZipView presented on Unreal Engine’s YouTube channel

Unreal Engine, the world's most famous game engine, is used to create ZipView’s VR content. ZipView is using three core technologies to produce dramatic results: integrating contents and services, automating production, and platforming. ZipView also improves productivity by efficiently managing large-capacity assets to create a realistic indoor environment and providing a stable and high frame for a seamless experience. Since the release of Datasmith, the time needed to produce the final product has dramatically decreased from 20-30 days to 1-2 days.

Sungchul Kim, Director of R&D

In addition, the high accessibility of Unreal Engine allowed ZipView’s 3D designers, who used to use other authoring tools such as 3dmax and Lightwave, to quickly adapt to the platform only by the means of tutorials and templates. The large-scale collaboration, data management, and profiling functions not only increased work efficiency but also helped manage ZipView’s real estate production projects.

Content creation using Unreal Engine

ZipView real estate exchange dramatically reduces time and cost between suppliers and consumers

ZipView reduced the absolute time and cost of building and distributing existing virtual reality real estate content by developing an automated process for content creation on a modular basis. This is helping the popularization of high-quality immersive 3D VR real estate content. As a result, it currently holds the hyperreal 3D data of the largest number of residential spaces in Korea.

ZipView’s premium apartment complex online showroom

ZipView’s overseas real estate product (Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Alpha City)

Moreover, real estate providers can conveniently build and operate on/offline integrated VR model houses domestically as well as overseas through the virtual reality real estate marketplace provided by ZipView. This reduces the direct and indirect costs of building a real model house and advertising and promotion.

Housing exhibition hall integrated with ZipView VR content – Daelim Industries “Gamil Eco-En e-Pyeonhansesang Apartments”

[Video] ZipView Daelim Industry “Gamil Eco-En e-Pyeonhansesang Apartments” integration case

Recently, Daelim Industries launched Hanam Gamil Eco-En e-Pyeonhansesang Apartments sale complex as a VR housing exhibition hall that incorporates ZipView’s VR content. As ZipView introduced the new lifestyle customized residential platform 'C2 HOUSE (optimized design for the changed lifestyles of customers)', the company delivered a new experience different from existing model houses.

Unlike existing model houses that only allowed customers to look at cramped sample houses filled with people, ZipView’s platform provides customers with freedom of information acquisition and an in-depth experience. This is achieved through gallery-style movement planning that makes people feel like they are in a museum and immersion experiences through VR. ZipView’s VR exhibition hall is composed of three types of zones according to the type of experience: briefing zones for professional explanations, tablet zones for experiencing VR first handedly, and VR counseling zones for one on one counseling.

Customers are listening to professional explanation about the apartment’s interior, exterior and complex.

Tablet zone where customers can acquire information autonomously

Experience through a media wall

Like this, ZipView’s VR real estate content goes beyond the experience of the indoor spaces and delivers comprehensive real estate information such as interior, exterior, complex landscaping, community, location information, and information about the surroundings to the consumers through virtual reality technology. This increases the credibility of the product by allowing consumers to obtain more accurate information and helps consumers make their decisions after taking a closer look at the details.

ZipView leads the new direction of real estate transactions

In 2015, Houseview built Korea’s first immersive 3D VR real estate platform and was acclaimed for being used in Daelim Industries’ Paju Park Village VR model house and Acro Seoul Forest’s housing exhibition hall, which was attracting attention as Korea's top sale price. starting with. Currently, ZipView is actively used in the real estate market as it is provided to major domestic apartment brands and domestic and overseas real estate developers and construction companies. Korea’s main landmarks such as Hannam the Hill, Signiel Residences, Trimaje, and Galleria Forêt can be experienced anytime, anywhere through ZipView. Moreover, in the first half of 2019, ZipView entered overseas markets starting in Vietnam, and through ZipView’s partnership with KT, the KT Super VR platform was enabled to allow customers to experience ZipView and provide easy and convenient real estate transaction services.

ZipView's goal is to provide real estate providers and consumers with a new dimension of a marketplace for real estate trading in virtual space and to provide secure and reliable VR real estate trading services.

Start faster and easier real estate transactions now on ZipView.

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