Interview with Rae at Du Capital

We are privileged to interview Rae Deng, a partner at Du Capital, one of our venture partners. We thank Du Capital for helping TZ Ventures with introducing projects that build on Tezos, connecting us with VCs, organising the demo day, etc.

Q1. Can you introduce Du Capital and yourself briefly?

A: Du Capital is a Singapore-based multi-stage investment firm backing companies and entrepreneurs that venture in innovative technologies such as the distributed ledger technologies (DLT). I’m a partner at the fund and I also work with our portfolios to help them navigate through the difficult start-up phases.

Q2. When do you think the Corona virus will die down in Asia and people start having meetings again?

A: I hope soon! Well, whenever that might be, more people are forced into the reality of conducting business conversations in a remote manner, which probably is the strength of the crypto community as we all are used to decentralised environments.

Q3. How has the virus affected your business?

A: Our investment mandate is global so the travel ban or quarantine requirements made it impossible to meet teams that we are evaluating face to face, which provides many additional layers of information. Thus delaying the investment decisions.

Q4. Are you up to anything new nowadays?

A: Trying to understand how the epidemic or the pandemic (hopefully not) impacts global capital flows, and eventually crypto trading markets.

Q5. What industries are you interested in nowadays?

A: Financial services and baking/staking ecosystem.

Q6. What is the most crucial thing you look for when you decide to invest in a project?

A: Being down-to-earth. It’s fine or even necessary to have grand goals to revolutionize or overturn certain aspects of certain industries. But we want to see the ladders, and if every step is solid and leads to the next one.

Q7. Any suggestions for TZ Ventures?

A: Be more visible digitally.

Q8. Is there any special guest/speaker you would like to see at the demo day?

A: One of the Tezos key members.

Thank you for your time and support.

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