KAIST One Club's First IR Event

TZ Ventures participated in KAIST One Club's First IR Event held on February 19, 2020.

Below is the translated version of an article about this event:

KAIST One Club having its first IR event “Regular IRs will be held every month”

KAIST One Club is having an IR event at Google Seoul Campus on February 19 and starting a startup support activity.

KAIST One Club is a group of entrepreneurs, accelerators, and venture capitalists graduated from KAIST with approximately 200 members at the moment. 80 members will attend the event to participate in the first IR of KAIST startups. The pitching companies are LiBEST, a flexible lithium-ion battery company that won the CES 2020 Innovation Award, Cover-Someone, a casual fashion brand, and Bizinone, a company that sells customized cosmetic ampoules that can be added or blended with existing cosmetic products.

Jae-Joong Kwon, Chairman of KAIST One Club, said, “The KAIST One Club aims to build the best startup ecosystem in Korea. Its goal is to produce more than 10 unicorns within the next 5 years through continuous funding and management mentoring for promising startups from KAIST just like the three companies pitching at the event. ”

KAIST One Club will be holding IRs every month starting from this event and is aiming to register an angel forum and establish an investment fund within this year. Once these activities are settled, the Club plans to actively start supporting and bringing to life the entire Korean startup ecosystem by discovering and investing in promising startups not necessarily from KAIST.

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