[Press Release] A Brief Summary of TZ Ventures’ First Hybrid Demo Day

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

TZ Ventures' Inaugural Hybrid Demo Day


[Seoul, South Korea, July 27, 2020] TZ Ventures’ (TZV) inaugural hybrid demo day was held at the Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Hotel on July 22, 2020 in South Korea. TZV is a Tezos centric blockchain startup combinator supported by the Tezos Foundation. Once accepted, batch projects receive mentoring, technical support, marketing support, office space support, partnership arrangements, fund raising support, and a chance to pitch at the TZV Global VC Demo Day – like this one.

The event kicked off with online welcome speeches from Rae Deng of Du Capital and Kuan Hsu of KK Fund – both are TZV’s venture partners in Singapore. Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons, Co-Founder of the Tezos Foundation and Scientific Advisor to TZV, attended the event in person and answered the welcoming speakers with gratitude and gave congratulatory remarks.

Eight startups presented their projects in front of prominent VCs in Korea, and the event was live streamed online for the global investors. TZV counted approximately 40 VCs participating online and offline.

Four projects presented in person while the other four presented online, hence the name hybrid demo day. The audience was entertained by the mix of online and offline presentations from all over the globe.

What was noteworthy was that TZV’s projects mostly consisted of non-blockchain companies – i.e., projects that have their main business in a non-blockchain sector but use blockchain as a database on the side. The idea is to find real projects that have revenue producing capabilities but utilize blockchain in one aspect of their business only when needed. This way, TZV believes that real use cases of blockchain will emerge at a large scale.

For instance, Paymonths’ main business is providing buy now and pay later service for E-commerce while blockchain is just a sideline database where personal credit scores are stored untampered. CMMC Secure’s core business is cybersecurity audit where blockchain keeps continuous audit trail of internal controls. Giztix’s is an integrated trucking platform where blockchain maintains proof of deliveries. OlimPlanet provides AR/VR immersive content for the real estate, exhibitions and E-commerce while blockchain maintains property title data. Med247 facilitates offline and online medical consultation and blockchain secures patient data. Supertree is the maker of star internet games and provides a marketplace for game item trading. Mitzy issues prepaid cards and loyalty points and blockchain tracks the transactions. Coinless KK makes better tools for De-fi and block producers on Tezos.

TZV Batch I projects such as Giztix, Med247, OlimPlanet, and Supertree are in their Series A or B and already boast a substantial amount of revenues. Hence, real and massive use cases of blockchain are to be expected. Other projects are startups in Seed stage that have high probability of generating revenues in the near future.

The industries covered in Batch I were very diverse: AR/VR immersive content, cybersecurity, De-fi, E-commerce, entertainment, fin-tech, logistics, and mobile health. The countries represented by TZV are as diverse including: France, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, UK, USA and Vietnam.

Please, stay tuned for TZV's Batch 2 coming soon in the upcoming Winter.

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