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Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Asia's Tezos Foundations Launch Blockchain Startup Incubator, TZ Ventures


[Seoul, South Korea, April 23, 2019] – The four Tezos Foundations in Asia - Tezos Southeast Asia, Tezos Hong Kong, Tezos Japan and Tezos Korea Foundation - announced the official launch of TZ Ventures, a Tezos-centric blockchain incubator, today. TZ Ventures, led by Dr. Jay Lee, plans to leverage Tezos community members from around the globe to support promising blockchain projects. TZ Ventures aims to incubate early-stage blockchain companies building their projects on the Tezos platform. During the incubation program, startups will receive mentoring from experienced members of TZ Ventures, technical support from Tezos communities, access to a dedicated co-working space, marketing support, and various networking and partnership opportunities, among others.

TZ Ventures has its headquarters in Seoul, Korea, but its operations are global as it leverages the Tezos community of worldwide foundations and related organizations around the globe. TZ Ventures has a team of experienced mentors coming from prestigious backgrounds, including Kang who was formerly Head of Marketing at ICON, and Dr. Lee is a Columbia Business School alumni connected with multiple VCs and incubators. They are also the authors of a best-selling IT book in Korea, “How To Become A Blockchain Company”. This expertise will be further complemented by strategic advice provided by regional community organizations such as and starting with Tezos Southeast Asia. Successful blockchain projects that build on the Tezos platform will be introduced to a global network of investors and VCs to receive equity investments. TZ Ventures will invite traditional VCs that invest in fiat currency, bridging the gaps between crypto and traditional startup investments.

“In blockchain startup incubation, there is a lack of traditional business mentoring and high-quality technical support,” said Dr. Lee. “ICO consulting groups take the place of traditional business incubators and blockchain programming professionals are busy building their own tokens.”

“The key for successful blockchain startups is forging sound business models and implementing high-quality technologies. We will tap into our pool of VC mentors and our group of technical experts in Asia, Europe and the US to make startup success possible. Namely, TZ Ventures will act as a coordinating organization to fully utilize the global presence of the Tezos community. We believe our efforts will enhance and expand the Tezos ecosystem.”

To be eligible for incubation, blockchain startups are expected to build feasible projects on the Tezos platform and be willing to receive equity financing (rather than conducting ICOs). Startups are also expected to have a sound business model although TZ Ventures will assist in refining it as part of the program. Currently, TZ Ventures can host startups in Korea, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and through our partners in the US. Application is open to startups in all stages of operation - from idea stage projects to a more developed business. Interested parties may apply at to become the first batch of TZ Ventures incubatees.

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